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A variety of ECCG performance videos from different eras can be found on our official YouTube page at:





Bridge (Artifact 2017)

Bridge on Apple Music

Bridge on Spotify


1 Sandstorm (Long, Tollar, Parsons, Mackay)

2 Illusion (Tollar, Moore, Parsons)

3 River (Moore, Parsons)

4 Both Sides Now (Mitchell, arr. Parsons)

5 The Bridge (Moore, Parsons, Mackay)

6 Rengga Reggi Two (Sukarma, arr. Parsons)

7 When She is Loved (Sankaran, Mackay, Parsons)

8 The Wrong You (Suratno, arr. Parsons)

Higgs Ocean (Artifact 2016)

Higgs Ocean on Bandcamp


1 In the High Branches (Linda Caitlin Smith)

2 Higgs Ocean (Michael Osterle)

3 In Between (Ana Sokolovic)

4 Spe Salvi (Petar-Kresimir Klanac)

5 Pitohui (Mark Duggan)

Translations (Artifact 2006)

Translations on Apple Music

Translations on Spotify


1 Le Matin des Musiciens (Walter Boudreau)

2 A Light Snow (Linda Caitlin Smith)

3 Crosscurrents (Dieter Mack)